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Destiny (Radio Version)
1st of 10 free downloads. New single about money, power, and the rise to fame. With a bangin beat & high speed flow, it's the perfect intro for the new album "Nightfall". myspace users, holla at me at www.myspace.com/attilasthrone
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #8
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
July 05, 2007
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320 kbps bitrate
4:43 minutes
Story behind the song
Motivation? 1st, I needed a a perfect "album-opener"... you know, one of those songs that hits you in tha mouth & gets you hype to hear tha rest of tha album (like 2Pac's "Ambitionz Az A Ridah" & Metallica's "Enter Sandman"). And 2nd, i needed a perfect track to start my shows with, and this was it. It's about my coming rise to power & my methods & motivations to get there. The 1st verse describes my mindset & motivations, including the sacrifices i've made to reach the top. The 2nd verse has more of a Biblical edge to it, speaking on the dark origins of the main character. "the gods signaled that i was chosen with a string of bloody omens/ more like a Pharoah than a Moses, defied the plague of the locusts" The 3rd verse touches on how my destiny meshes with my actions in the rap world.
Destiny Chorus My destiny's to conquer and plunder until the death of me to Hell with peace, i crave an empire spanning the Seven Seas next to me, nations will crumble as i crush their industries i want success for me and destruction for my enemies V1 I made my name in tha Ville from a string of broken deals, crimes and extortion i'd helped assorted dudes accumulate profits and i wanted a portion was "rewarded" by them distorting my image cuz i took tha glory now they're laying in a pool of () while i'm plotting in a hidden fortress chose tha money over my family cuz i knew in time they'd abandon me besides, it was always a dream to see my name on a golden canopy for me to command a fleet to man tha streets and seize financially tha means to stand and free humanity from tha greed of Man's deceit a prince among tha peasants tha jealous wanna see me stressing never happen, cuz i'm protected by the best of Israeli weapons power hungry, chasing fame's become a disturbing obsession it'll probably end in a fatal lesson but still i won't settle for second so i question my supporters suspicious of their hidden motives and tha second i'm sensing a threat i'm resorting to the use of torture and if i never reach tha top then my spirit will never rest in peace i'll haunt tha city streets until i fulfill my destiny Chorus V2 I never said i was a leader ain't a prophet or a soldier i'm just a butcher on a mission, craving power like tha Romans tha gods signaled that i was chosen with a string of bloody omens more like a Pharaoh than a Moses defied the plague of the locusts i traded my blades for bullets gave up my honor for dollars underneath the shell of a monster lies tha mind of a scholar but you stand too close when you follow and even ya'll will be slaughtered and all my critics come up missing families living in sorrow even when i'm dead and gone i'll still be forever known as "The Chosen One" tha golden son, destined for power, leaving you overrun crushing every opponent yet still i'm knowing there's more to come so i load my guns and proceed to battle you lowly scum intelligence combined with ambition and treachery the perfect recipe for conquest or the death of me keep telling me i'm destined to fail, dogg then let it be but that i'll haveta see cuz i must fulfill my destiny Chorus V3 I cain't even lie, i know i'm tha shhhh roam tha streets with a loaded clip tha first that steps is gone get hit burn his chest, put a hole in his ribs even then tha coldness of the abyss proceeds to call me so in a zone i slip i know i won't resist tha voices that beckon causing my soul to shift it's filling me with a darkness that's blindly seeking out my enemies tha energy's overwhelming it overflows, causing a killing spree tha goal's to conquer this industry be it with my skills or artillery and all who oppose my power are gonna be broken and flooded with misery but how can you knock tha flow when even my closest foes are a notch below? their labels have got to know that even those at the top are not for long cuz if i can not control tha charts with songs then dogg, i'll seize the throne and once i defeat my foes i'm having you shot as i watch tha scene unfold their leaders froze, frantically cursing tha Lord for their sudden troubles while the others panic, dispersing through tha mounds of muddy rubble some are smothered, even tha survivors realize they're gonna suffer and none of you dudes can stop it you got it, you mu f***z?, it's my destiny Chorus
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