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Daddy, how did forests look?
A song about our children and thier future environment
Single - $0.75
Country - Country-Pop
Previous peak charts position #257
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #52
Pat Lalli
May 26, 2006
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128 kbps bitrate
2:21 minutes
Story behind the song
I saw a old spray painted hippie van and on the side of it in spray paint were the words "What did forests look like" and I thought that there was a song in that phrase.
Daddy, how did forests look? By Pat Lalli Daddy, how did forests look? I saw a picture in a book. Were trees so tall they touched the skies? Why can't I see them with my eyes? Daddy, were the lakes so clean, that schools of fishes could be seen? Did rain fall more than once a year, and were the raindrops really clear? Was the sunshine warm and bright? Could you see a billion stars at night? If it was such a pretty sight, then why did people hurt it? Yes, my son, not long ago, The air was pure and rivers flowed, but now, my son, my old heart aches. We pay the price for our mistakes. Where once grew amber waves of grain, just dust and memories remain. The purple mountain's majesties obscured by smoke from factories. This land was my land, and was yours, until we had to move indoors. We’re left with nothing but our pride, we watched, as Mother Nature died.
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