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Mona Lisa's Ghost
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Sparser than my usual ballads, but not barebones. Inspired by but not totally plagiarized from Elton John's 'Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters'. Like, if I'd written it, this is what it'd sound like.
Alternative - Indie
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Capers Simmons
October 06, 2006
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"Mona Lisa's Ghost" Capers Simmons VERSE I Leonardo, Man, where are you? Painting purgatory's darkness? Making love to Mona Lisa in the fires? Well I don't think you'll find her there, Because her ghost floats in Times Square. In the nighttime neon glare, like a halo grace VERSE II That's where you found her, Pinned her hair up, Fixed her makeup, bought her dinner, You named her Mona Lisa, and sent her home. And it's, “Thank you, dear. Goodnight,” Because you're blinded in the light And it makes you close your eyes. You blink, she's gone. CHORUS Leonardo, Don’t sleep too long on your way home tonight That Mona Lisa smile has got you dreaming your life away. And the subway line won't wait or mind To see you make it home alright So don’t sleep too long on your way home tonight. VERSE III L. DaVinci, New York City, At the corner, up on 9th street, In a studio apartment getting high In the evanescent bliss, Forgetting everything you'll miss, Thinking only of that wry and wistful smile. ~ CHORUS ~ VERSE IV A chance encounter With Mona Lisa At the pawn shop on the corner There's a halo ringed around her – a moment – gone. Resurrect her now, and then I will never ask again For the ghost of Mona Lisa in her eyes… ~ CHORUS ~
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