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The Softer Side
Written for my late father. He will be remembered forever by us...
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Acoustic - Acoustic Piano
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Liow Chee Hsiang
Liow Chee Hsiang, James Woo 2006
May 18, 2006
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5:52 minutes
Story behind the song
This piece was originally intended to be part of a song writing competition from the singapore music website (http://www.soft.com.sg). James, the site moderator, came up with a 2 bar melody and competitors come up with their arragement. I submitted late (after the competition) as my father was ill with cancer. This music was written for my father who has touched many lives including mine. My dad passed away a few months after this song was written. Sample libraries used: PMI Emperor, Kirk Hunter Symphonic Orchestra (Emerald), Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra, Wizoo
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