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May 15, 2006
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Story behind the song
When I first visited the rock - (Uluru -Ayers Rock ), I stood in awe of it. After traveling for days on end through dead flat country that consisted of not much else but ochre red sand, sparse desert vegetation and a blue blue sky, to see this huge rock rising out of the earth, with all her folds, crevaces, caves and worn weathered wrinkles....well, there was just something so "alive" about this strange rock and the surrounding countryside. A truly spiritual place made even more magical by the glow that takes place - as though someone has thrown a switch, at sunset.
Like a sleeping dog in the sunburnt sand Watching over the earth in this arid land She dreams, an ancient mystery Uluru.... speaking her dreams to me As I stand before her I feel so small Glimpse the secrets weaved here within these walls In the hollows where life once breathed Uluru....speaking her dreams to me (CH) So I should understand Why I am drawn to this land When she stirs in the twilight Will I see? Uluru...speaking her dreams to me ( musical bridge) The hush that’s falling as daylight fades I stand in awe as the twilight wakes And she turns and whispers in her sleep Uluru...speaking her dreams to me (ch) I might never understand Why I am drawn to this land But when she stirs in the twilight All I see is… Uluru... Speaking her dreams to me.
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