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UGK Hype.
I was going under the name of Eski.. Which is why I have the line that says 'battle with the E-S-K-I'.. Anyway, I'm 14, and this is my first recording.
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Rephlexion Under Oath
Rephlexion Under Oath.
May 13, 2006
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Story behind the song
My boys, from the UGK crew that we had at the time, told me and a couple others to try writing a song. I had this and I never recorded it, so I decided, after a while, that I'll record it.
You faggots can blow-dick, and listen to how my flow-spit // Only way you breakin ribs when you suckin ya own-dick // Motherfucker can blow-this, come to AD, UGK own-this // Welcome to Avondale, this shit where my home is // You wanna try me? I'll bust a full clip at a fool crip // So fuck the blue, you should wear brown cos you fulla shit // Fuck a smurf, fuck the pigs, fuck any nigga that hatin' // We can see the phoney in you, you faggots are fakin' // It's gay man, how all you pussies just front gangsta // DMS, LLB, AO, think you got back up? // ABC, YHD, JDMS you just wack fucks // RB, HD, Massey, you be Aucklands Finest Wankers // I guess I should thank ya, you made it easy to get to the top // UGK to RW, got this shit on lock // Drop bombs for Avondale where I'm from // And if niggas start beef, I cook it up wit a song // Fuck a gat, we use shanks, stab niggas til they die // Don't lie, we all can see the fear in ya eyes // But it's alright, ain't nobody wanna GAMBLE wit they life // Ain't nobody wanna battle wit the E-S-K-I // We the THURSE ones to fire, but ya'll should keep it a CKRET // Cos you know the UGK ain't the right niggas to beef with // Have you screamin' for MERCY, when we lay-it-down // Nigga don't play-around when you know UGK-in-town // Can UCDAT, UGK hit on the wall // You see our name when you walk through AD corridors // We gone be a fuckin MENACE to niggas who don't feel us // ENOS and SWADE gon show you somethin to make you fear us //