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Sweet Conversations
The very definition of smooth. This Funky mid-tempo cut is the debut release from up and coming Tenor titan Tony Exum, Jr.
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Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Tony Exum, Jr. and Jason Atkins
May 10, 2006
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3:15 minutes
Story behind the song
The song was done originally for a compliation album but the project fell thru. Jason and I compose the melody like a conversation. He san one part I sang the next riff and we went back and forth. The song itself about a conversation I had with a young lady at a gig one night. She was gorgeous and just the sweetest person you could meet and our conversation but short but "sweet". I never saw her again but I will never forget those "sweet conversations" we had. Nothing deep just about life in general. Jason Atkins the producer of this cut has written and performed for Wayman Tisdale, Dotsero, Nelson Rangell, and Darren Rahn. He has also written for Eric Darius (It;s Alright with me) Very talented young man.
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