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In your dreams with you / Contigo en tus sueños
Sweet and calm acoustic guitar song, with many parts, which tries to describe a travel through someone's dreams... (7 min). One of the many acoustic guitar songs i composed (but the only one uploaded so far though)
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Jaime 'Rantam' Lopez
May 10, 2006
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4:40 minutes
Story behind the song
I composed this song a long time ago. It tries to describe something similar to get into my girlfriend's dreams to accompany her through the dream, while she sleeps near the sea. This long song (7 min) has many parts: Part 1. Calm. I get into the dream and find her there. Part 2. Stress. We lose contact, and I try to find her again in the dream. Part 3. Calm. The final part. I find her again and all is sweet and calm again.
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