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A change in style for me using strings and writing out of formula.
Rock - Rock General
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Brian Ralston
May 09, 2006
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Story behind the song
This is sort of dedicated to a girl I used to admire from afar many years ago. She used to wear a really tight pair of lycra jeans very well, and they were always colourful.....sort of like a clown would wear. Determined I'd write a song about her one day and call it "Harlequin". Eventually wrote the music for this, my first attempt at a bit of string arrangement. She appears in the song but she then morphed into someone else.....someone who gets me over occasional periods of doom and depression. As a result of this morphing of the subject matter, the lyrics are a bit weird. I know what they mean....my producer/engineer thought it was a "drug song" but it's not. Tried for lyrics with rhythmical effect rather than heartfelt meaning. Yeah, I know, I'm a tart. After recording it I realised that Harlequin was the male clown and Columbine was the female clown, so rerecorded it without thinking about what "Columbine" means to those Stateside. When the penny dropped I realised the song could be misinterpreted under that title so changed it back to Harlequin. Not sure of genre. It's a different sort of song for me.
Moping around, got my feet stuck to ground yet again Breathlessly useless, going blind deaf and toothless, can't win Standing alone on a cliff top close to the ledge Picking myself up with bootstraps frayed at the edge In candy striped pants with a sensual dance you arrive Feelings long dormant, regroup and reform and revive Mare's tails retreat at a pace I've not seen before Spectrums of light hit my eyes and I'm groping for more You're twisting and turning, perceptions are burning in deep Wriggling and writhing my heart in top drive dare not sleep I'm clutching at bright dreams that I yielded times long ago Holding myself back must stay calm soak up the show Seething with desire, Harlequin inspired Taking up chances, exchanging veiled glances connect Increasing my dose as I start to move close solo trek Stripping myself bare of baggage I've borne for an age Tasting your lips for the first time love centre stage Senses now on fire Harlequin inspired
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