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Joseph of Nazareth 1
Bluegrass version of the story of Joseph, the father of Jesus
Pop - Christmas/Seasonal
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Samuel Joseph Harris
May 08, 2006
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Story behind the song
The challenge was the Fort Worth Songwriter's Association annual Christmas song contest. I started writing a song about Mary but as my wife pointed out, I was covering the same idea behind a song called "Mary did you know?" I dropped my lyrics on that song and consentrated on the story of Joseph and learned that he had four dreams concerning the birth of Jesus. This song is a bluegrass retelling of his story
Joseph of Nazareth: Fort Worth Songwriters Association Christmas song contest- Religious category-First Place Copyright Samuel Joseph Harris 2005 (intro) Joseph of Nazareth, will you raise this little boy Joseph listen to me, Mary is the one Chosen of God to deliver His Son Are you strong, will you silence the voices of shame And raise this young savior and give him a name? CHORUS: Joseph of Nazareth Will you raise this little boy as your own Son of Mary, Son of God He will make you proud when he’s grown Joseph are you faithful- will you provide Passage to Bethlehem for your new bride? She carries the hope of the world to this place Vessel of innocence -Mother of Grace CHORUS Joseph are you fearless- will you obey? Escape into Egypt and hide Him away The soldiers of Herod have come to destroy To slaughter the innocent babies and boys CHORUS Joseph of Nazareth will you return To your home in the hills where the Savior will learn The trade of his Father -the carpenter who Builds mountains and forest and nations….and you CHORUS (Out) Joseph of Nazareth will you raise this little boy He is born the Prince of Peace To bring us comfort and joy
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