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Phil Kool
This sound is coming from the future. mysterious explorations,on some unknown areas, magic Everything you see or touch is holographic and it is just some electric vibes transmit to your brain. But nothing exist out of your brain.
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Electronic - Experimental Sounds
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Yaz Trax
Yaz Trax
April 29, 2006
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2:44 minutes
Story behind the song
I drink Datura one time and after I create this story who's talking about Mr Phil Kool (somebody who never exist...)
D'entréé d'jeu vais faire un p'tit inédit J'prends l'micro en main mais je sais pas c'que j'dit ... Etxc.. etc Mais est-il encore parmi nous? Parmi vous! Entre lezs jupons d'sa maman, Où d'sa nounou est-il encore parmi vous, S'rait des cons tous dans 100 ans, etc... etc...
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