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Dream (feat. Rohini)
dreamy chill out vocal trip-hop...music and lyrics by me...vocals and vocal melody by my friend Rohini...
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Electronic - Trip Hop
Previous peak charts position #72
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Chitrang Jagdish 2006
April 28, 2006
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128 kbps bitrate
3:57 minutes
Verse 1: hush, now close your eyes and enter a new light lay down on the clouds you'll be alright rise up in the sky listen to the whispering night it's time to lose you're senses to the moon's lullaby Hook: dream you're floating in the sky dream slowly the stars pass you by dream reality says goodbye dream surreal visions in your eyes Verse 2: great, you're doing fine just keep goin high sway slowly to the music this is your paradise breathe in the air breathe out your despair the ride has just begun you're almost there
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