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Layla's Disguise
Alternative minor tuning. Written on the 18th and 19th of April 2006, for Layla B.
Alternative - Other Alternative
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John Turner
John Turner
April 19, 2006
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Story behind the song
Song structure: 2 mins instrumental doodling followed by two verses. This is a gift to my current friend Layla B. Her own words in an email were 'like Alice through a looking glass, but I saw through a glass darkly.' This is probably a first version. I will most likely adapt/expand and improve if I ever return to it. I have plenty of new songs but I don't post them on the net anymore. This is an exception. This song is another refreshingly original creation in a long line of obscure but refreshingly original songs. I am my own number one fan. And if this fact didn't exist then I'd never write another song again, except for when writing one as a gift to one of my few friends. Why? Marlon Brando didn't particularly like the acting business. I'm not really all that into music. If it's not original or different or exceptionally genuine then I become very bored indeed. If I'm not at least one of those then my purpose as a 'musician' has failed. Listeners, ensure you keep breeding. -- Layla: THANK YOU.
(music) (open) like alice through the looking glass... always watching me... (rpt) (verse 1) you say nothing but life must mean somethin' the world is broken truth's been spoken hold on tight now don't let go (2) layla's in disguise she's the sunset in your eyes time is the enemy live and die and we breed hold on tight don't ever let go (return to open) ...like alice through the looking glass