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Uttering Praises Unto Atlantis
A song about the two last survivors of Atlantis.
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Metal - Heavy Metal
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Words: Lexifer Crowley , Music: AttikRoom
Atomic Microwave Records, 2006
April 15, 2006
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4:48 minutes
Story behind the song
Basically, there're these two, and they're a guy and a girl. And for some reason they're the last of the race. And they come up to the shore and the whole world
UTTERING PRAISES UNTO ATLANTIS Sullen stares and sallow faces Desires wax & wane in traces Of faded bliss all wrapped up tight In tangled silk and morning light Sing to the spider that withers you gently Staring you down like a cold-blooded sentry Edging the water with frost in its movements And seeking its prey with heightened sense (...Eyes burning, so intense, heartbeat quickening, body tense...) Submerging now our every motion As we descend into the ocean Scarlet sunset lights our way The final shadows of fading day And we seek out that which we crave Secrets we may someday take to the grave Mark of the kraken burnt into my skin Dagon's call summons from somewhere within And in submarine shadows we'll share a kiss Uttering praises unto Atlantis [solo - Lexifer] "...Dazed and frightened, yet not without a certain thrill of the scientist's or archaeologist's delight, I examined my surroundings more closely. The moon, now near the zenith, shone weirdly and vividly above the towering steeps that hemmed in the chasm, and revealed the fact that a far-flung body of water flowed at the bottom, winding out of sight in both directions, and almost lapping my feet as I stood on the slope. Across the chasm, the wavelets washed the base of the Cyclopean monolith, on whose surface I could now trace both inscriptions and crude sculptures. The writing was in a system of hieroglyphics unknown to me, and unlike anything I had ever seen in books, consisting for the most part of conventionalised aquatic symbols such as fishes, eels, octopi, crustaceans, molluscs, whales and the like... I stood musing whilst the moon cast queer reflections on the silent channel before me. Then suddenly I saw it..." ...Atlantis... "Come closer and savour this moment my dear For now we have none but our own hearts to fear" Our hands ensconced neatly, hers pressed into mine "Two hearts, now aligned, and forever intertwined" [solo - Lexifer] And in submarine shadows we'll share a kiss Uttering praises unto Atlantis [solo - Matt]