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david g diss
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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April 13, 2006
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Intro: hello every1 we r hear today to pay homage to a mediocre mc. David g was killed april 14th 2006 by non other than that tormented soul sickes. Heres how it happened im sickes composer in scc so listen to tha reason david cant touch me// ima full blood pitbull like im akc this guys here cuz of cross breading // lower pedigrees freeze, on ur knees, im like tha po-lice, ready to supress thee clowns try test me stress and depress me but never teach me lessons like a retard whose testing my flows interesting never second rate, always impressing like rich kids on a date ur a guppy on my rader, gohead and take tha bait but ur gettin eaten 1st like a lobster on my plate u can hear that bells loudly and i proudly rang each one david couldn’t hold heat if he grabbed onto theson// im tha evil british dude, ya know, that one who pokes fun and ur never gettin called bac, like ya name was william hung ill make u work watch me go bizerk take a stab at this jerk tape a landmine to his shirt got ya girl on my bed jus ta c if she can twerk than ill toss her on tha corner so she can to work// ur a wannab david g beatin me, he would die quite happily but u must b playin games like its his final fantasy standin next ta me, u will get diased, cuz sickes is like s.i.ds man, he kills instantly (hook x2) watch out sickes is comin accompined by an army so u better get runnin don’t need knives, guns jus leave residue but Im comin with fists- lets c wat u do im comin mashin verbal assassin plenty of ammo so u no that im blastin// beatin me is like echo banned it will never happen// c when u were born I was rappin happily as people mappin me as tha town attraction g was cast a loner when he entered the elementary// honestly u need to listen, u should b fixen the quality of ur rhyme and the timing of ur diction// I don’t focus vision on lines of fiction, sickes is only in ur imagination mixin ur brain like a mental kitchen I could put out a track full of explicity but ur mommy wouldn’t buy it and ud cry unstopably// so im cussing free just in spite of the annomasity riot and I am hungry for tha mic and a fight So all jokes aside i decide to consume ur heart vocally like a cardiovascular diet// man ya couldn’t slay me if ur name were buffy but ill call ya jeeves cuz u being steaks 4 me like a sacrifical offer// take a blonde and ill fuck her an toss her until she learns That signature is premature the red and blacks r blurred// learn to use ur shadows or higher a graphix teacher cuz I could of produced better when I was in the third its been fun but my song has been sung so im endin abruptly// david g is so poor people break in and leave money// K a few lines that need an expo: · I am from scc ( santa cruz county) · british dude on American idel who makes fun of people ( show in the u.s.) wlliam hung was a horrible contestant who was Chinese and got all famous for being so bad · buffy the vampire slayer( another show in the u.s) where this blonde girl goes and kills vampires ( hence the stake/ steak play cuz u kill vampires with stakes ) and jeeves is here teacher and the name jeeves is also famous for being a butlers name so him bringing steaks for me, ( calling him my butler) and sacrifical offering becuz when a sacrifce happens people bring food, animals and anything to offer to the gods get it??