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Lonesome Cavalry
We are spirits on a human journey
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Country - Americana
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Chapman James
March 20, 2010
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Story behind the song
Recorded Live at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL 11/6/09 We have more in common spiritually than we ever will physically Stephen R Covey: "We are not humans on a spiritual journey, we are spirits on a human journey." George Carlin: "I love ALL of mankind on a one to one basis. When they get into groups they suck."
"Lonesome Cavalry" By ChapmanJames Riding on my human Heaven knows whereto Trotting down intention laden paths I’ve got to pull his reins in So He’ll go straight ahead Instead of wandering off for sweeter smelling grass Sometimes on my human I meet a kindred soul I wonder if she recognizes me Cause she’s up on her human Distracted and misled She wants a friend, her human wants a steed Chorus: Move along….. my human Get along… my trusty steed Here’s a song… for my human We’re a lonesome cavalry Humans brand each other By color, shape and size And follow those of favored skin and birth Breeds may run together but one by one as they pass by The touch of every rider shows their worth I ride up to a Hillside And look out on the world Every human herded to and fro Some stampede the masses Others hold their ground So much to learn, they've got so far to go Chorus: At night when things are quiet And my human’s fast asleep I gaze up at the stars and think of home I’d like to get back someday But this journey makes me feel Without my human I’d go back alone Chorus Copyright 2005 Polhemusic
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