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Rock - Punk
Previous peak charts position #1,981
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #89
'Blame the Cat' Pressing
April 10, 2006
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2:43 minutes
Shop til you drop Spent your cash, never stop. Bargains on the block No time to break the clock. Put down the coke and get a credit card Gonna buy a pepsi and be a fat lard Budget-slashing corruption prices On worthless shit crap devices. Work, labor, sweat, overtime Make it worth every dime Slave slave slave to your company Repeat your spending, you’re so bleak. She looks at the tv, thinks she’s shit Picks up a mag and buys new tits. Pukes her lunch, breakfast and brunch ______________________ __________. Her husband’s dying, paying off her debts 2 thousand dollars, racked up on her chest. They’ll just die like all the rest leaving their families paying off the rest