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Fifty Ways to P*ss Off PETA
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PETA will be fuuuur-i-ous over our roasting of their favorite animals in this parody of Paul Simon's 'Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover'...
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words by Merry & Pippin
April 08, 2006
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"The problem is all a lack of lead," I said to she A stance it is needed for to keep my weaponry Go eat some kelp or just go huggle up a tree There must be fifty ways to p*ss off PETA I said I really don't consider soy a food As for fur, a God conserving'd not have made us in the nude Said I eat meat for health and she briskly came unglued There must be fifty ways to p*ss off PETA Fifty ways to p*ss off PETA Have sea otter snacks, Max Bake a Babe ham, Sam Make a spotted owl pie, Guy It's very tasty Dolphin's a must, Gus There's no need to cuss such! Serve chopped manatee, Lee It's calorie free Oh, skin a few mink, Mick Club a small seal, Neil Now don't have a cow, Sal 'Cus it's leatheretty Harpoon a whale, Dale You don't need a rare snail trail! Just buy ivory, Dee On the black markety She said it grieves me so to think those quaggas slain I wish there was something I could do to make dodos live again I said "Don't appreciate cats, so would you please restrain away your shifty strays?" She said Bonsai kitten folks just keep me in a fright And I'm relieved that with warnings our petitions set them right Tried to enlist me, and I realized she was some brain cells light There must be fifty ways to p*ss off PETA Fifty ways to p*ss off PETA Sew a guinea pig stole, Joel Catch a big shark, Clark Drink a treefrog milkshake, Jake Let Ted Nugent be Oh you shop for fur muffs, Duff Those chinchillas don't cost much It's her annivers'ry, see It's very styley Eat condor eggs fried, Clyde Make a roo rug, Doug You catch lots of rare fish, Trish Set none of them free Stun a raccoon, June Well all under a full moon Fur's very pricey, see But nice and cuddly......
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