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A Dream Come True
A sweet love song imagined with drum loops, three-part harmonies and an electric piano.
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words: Troy D. / music: Eric B. & Doodle
2004-2015 FTW Music/Troy Boy Music
April 08, 2006
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Story behind the song
“I didn’t write this song, but I had a hell of a lot of fun arranging and recording it by myself one night. The Fender Rhodes piano makes this musically stand out for me.”
(1st Verse) When I look into your eyes, the future is what I see, a sparkle lights up the sky, a vision of you and me. It's hard not to imagine you and I together as one, holding each other knowing our dreams have just begun. *(Chorus) For it's you that I want by my side, yes it's true, I need you in my life. If I could hold you tonight, I'd make everything all right for you, cause you're a dream come true. (2nd Verse) I think about all the nights that you've been on my mind, waiting patiently for you to say that you'll be mine. I wonder when, I wonder how this will ever come to be, but I will wait forever cause you're the one for me. *