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Sacrificed For Nothing
Have you been sacrificed?
Metal - Heavy Metal
Previous peak charts position #537
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #23
May 31, 2003
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128 kbps bitrate
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how did things come to this a little game of hit or miss throwing things in the air is it true that you don't care pack it up now and go away do you want you to run or stay i must be going out of my mind can you live with what you find chorus and then we sacrifice for nothing did we ever really mean anything sacrificed for nothing were we just one of those things people are not disposible aren't you held accountable who knows how things will be is our lives such a mystery you're just doin what you're told remember things return two-fold in hiensight you were weak you couldn't stand on your feet when you look at your goals see your life so full of holes. chorus how did we get so far off track to remind me i got scars on my back sorrow in my soul because of that night but i will keep my goals in sight lets talk of finding our way home you faked it, you were not alone chorus people are not disposible aren't you held accountable ate you like a cannibal fucked you like an animal
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