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No Crying When I Die
This is a song about enjoying life.
Single - $0.50
Country - Traditional Country
Previous peak charts position #50
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Morris P. Rainville
1990, SOCAN(bmi)
September 26, 2016
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160 kbps bitrate
2:57 minutes
NO CRYING WHEN I DIE Morris P Rainville Someday, Im gonna leave this world behind Doesnt bother me, Ill accept it when its time Just remember how I always looked at life Dont want nobody crying when I die. Chorus When I die, I dont want nobody crying Just remember, how I took great joy in living Each new day, was always a new beginning Dont want to hear no crying when I die. Accomplished many goals during my life But couldnt have done near half without my wife My children, have been a source of pride But dont want to hear no crying when I die. Bridge When I die, dont want to hear no crying Going back to the light, occasion for rejoicing, Music break. Now I always hummed a new song in my soul Twas a way to take my life and make it whole Tried to take some time to just kick off my shoes And listen to some good old country blues. To chorus 1990, SOCAN(bmi)
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