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That's My Car
Cruisin' in Southern California.
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Bill Tucker
2005 William H. Tucker, III
April 01, 2006
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Story behind the song
This is about finding that perfect car, fixing it up and cruising around Southern California. My friend Jeff Askew added some great blues guitar.
That’s My Car (Jeff Askew-lead guitar) That’s my car and it’s understood The meanest machine in the neighborhood When I’m out drivin’ on the street Everyone knows, she can’t be beat She drives real fast She drives real far, that’s my car That’s my car, back off Jack Before you give me a heart attack Look don’t touch, that’s the word Just in case, you haven’t heard She drives real fast She drives real far, that’s my car Chorus: Out on Highway 39 And in Fontana she’s so fine At Irwindale she’ll toe-the-line Man you can hear those pistons whine I found her on a lot, late one night I didn’t think twice, the price was right I gave her new wheels and a ton of wax Cherried her to the max That’s my car Guitar solo (full verse) Chorus: That’s my car (ooh, ooh-ooh) That’s my car (ooh, ooh-ooh) (ooh, ooh-ooh)