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A World of You
Acoustic - Acoustic General
Previous peak charts position #905
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #209
Adam Williams
Police Helicopter
March 29, 2006
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Creativity the power, do you wish to collide? We can crash our talent into one painting slide And watch the colours fall down our perfect zone For all love and life can be what our heart can own We can fool around in whatever way you want If you want feeling, then just tell me what it's on And you can ask for anything that you've always wanted And I'll do my best, to try and get it Come be my girl, come be my special world She is my girl, and she contains my world. Morning rises to come, to come and kiss your cheek Wake you up with a nice surprise that makes me wanna greet Let me soothe the hectic moments with my helping hand It's not much but it'll come handy for when it's not damn here Like little moments, of just holding your hand I can wait forever just for you to understand I'll be here all night, I'll be here all day Just to love you in this kind of special way
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