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Croissants Flying South
An experiment in construction
Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #287
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #36
Sid Lewis
Sid Lewis
March 22, 2006
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128 kbps bitrate
2:28 minutes
Story behind the song
Just observational.
Croissants Flying South Well you can talk about him behind his back But in mind and body he’s getting used to these stealth attacks. These stealth attacks, these stealth attacks Castrated talkers in their dark blue suits And their pebble dashed perspective from their hob nailed boots Their hob nailed boots, their hob nailed boots Incestuous connections is all they want to grow With extended family, twice removed, full of people they don’t know But he’d rather be acoustic, disconnected from the mains As they feel no discomfort from their ill gotten gains Network to get work, it moves you up the scale But you won’t get his connection, his mind’s not up for sale. He’s made to feel so uncomfortable because he cannot stand the cheese Just give him space so he sit with his hand between his knees The blackboard blinded and the social whore Covered head to feet in tittle tattle gore Tittle tattle gore, tittle tattle gore With his two darkened eyes from when he couldn’t take no more He could see his once proud stature, lying on the floor Lying on the floor Playground speak ups with the latest “news” In this gossip city market you can get to pick and choose “Have you re-designed your kitchen? “Is that a new pair of shoes?” Tommy got two house points for his “please” and “thank you’s” Did your blue car pass its MOT when you thought that it would fail? Is it true a week next Wednesday, there’s yet another cake sale? And if all else fails they usually end up “down the pub” Or a secret drinker’s haven disguised as a “book club” You can spoon your intentions into your children’s mouth But you can’t stop the croissants from flying south Flying South.