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Freestyle (Just Breathe)
Full "Just Breathe" freestyle. Complete with hooks/adlibs/effects. I also added a siren through out the whole beat because I kept hearing that shit in my head. Thought it would sound crazy. Verse 1: Me Verse 2: K-Money Verse 3: Seville
HipHop - Freestyle
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Mobb Music
March 20, 2006
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[Hook - Profanity] Start a few brawls, so I can cause a few scars and I strap a few 4s so I can blast a few foes so *breathe* might be the last time you do how it feel to look around and not find your crew? then *breathe* knowin' that you got a hole in your chest? and bleed knowin' that you gettin' close to your death? you *breathe* notice that your girl soaks in your flesh dude if I was you I wouldnt be holdin' my breath, so *breathe* [Verse 1 - Profanity] use gats to shredder your van, you'll need Pimp My Ride's "West Coast" to put it back together again(WEST COAST!)... and Mass stacks the cheddar again, strap macks, and pack caps, to clap back and blast past the regular men(and blast past the regular men!)... mad, I'll let you know, cuz' I been beefin' since a vest would cover me from head to toe(since yay high!)... now, *breathe*, take one last breath, clips fly 'til they empty and take one last breath... break one last chest, shake one last pest, bring the Reaper, FUCK cheat, I'll straight gun past death(I'll straight gun past death)... find the steal and quickly squeeze, so when this kat says he buys Big Macs in one of this tracks, it ain't 'cuz he signed a deal with Mickey D's(nah)(im lovin' it!)... smack foes, dude beware, and pack slugs that'll make your ass do the backstroke through the air(woooooo!)... assholes who be there, gon' be scared, when my big gat blows through your hair... strap rose to your jeep, they'll think you got massage chairs in your ride when I blast holes through your seet(aha!)... Mass packin' a rocket, nah this ain't no "gangsta lean", I got a heavy ass mack in pocket(oh shit!)... I'm back and I'm rockin', attack and I'm cockin', so fag watch what you say 'cuz I keep a hand on the strap when I'm talkin'... [Hook - K-Money] What you gonna do? When Pro and K-Money Come up to ya crew U won't have a chance to BREATHE See us comin' through then you'll hafta meet the gats comin' to you now see if you can BREATHE [Verse 2 - K Money] Aiyo, I'm lookin' for a bitch to fuck.. At the same time, pick up more greens than a pitch and putt.. The flow's too slick too touch.. Me and Pro can do a show and make ya virgin chick a slut.. Are we slick or what? I find ya bitch pretty.. Throw some game don't know her name but she's comin' to Rich city.. In the club you can find me with three chicks.. All huggin' my nuts like soccer players before the free kicks.. I ain't a DJ, bout I hope you know K-Slays.. Spray A-K's with bullets the size of hand grenades.. Beat me? please, you a silly new-bie.. shot's will have your brains scramblin' like the philly Q-B.. I ain't scurred to let them things shake.. I'm fuckin' ya bitch on March the way i make her springs break.. The Names K-Money cuz the cash is great.. that attracts the hoes and watch me hit that ass for days.. pass the haze.. knock em out like Cassius Clay... Ya crew like the Suns i'll have them fast to break.. OOOH! A collab with Profanity, this shit is insane Ya'll G-Unit wannabes cuz your missin' ya game [Hook - Seville] Lets take a trip to the West Welcome to Cali When you smoking our weed It makes it hard to breathe Underground hip hop and we do it for the streets Los Angeles Take the time to breathe [Verse 3 - Seville] Its the kid from the west representin the best proudly presentin the sickest emcee known to the rest HOMIE.... just listen my missions to keep spittin and keepin my beats kickin a rhythem of freak visions(whoa, whoa, whoa Uh .. ready to crack the club ... i aint talkin bout the dance floor .. im sayin ima smack you up Im dead serious .. how many times i gotta say it im the REMIX KING ... how many times u gonna play it Boy ... where was you at when i had no home you playin games ... like stadiums ima split that dome U dont know ... how i roll ... so dont you talk its cold on the floor when u lyin dead in chalk You cant BREATHE ... when its laced with crack ... or is the temp of the track.. climbin at hights that breaks ya back You cant BREATHE... matter a fact you cannot see or begin to feel the strength of this emcee You better Freeze with the berry lights come on Cuz 5.0 huntin for homies like me who write these songs so Ima right these wrongs ... no need to for me to cop a plea the feelin of bein strong comes from the moment that you take the time to BREATHE
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