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My Friend Katie
Written because I miss home and the people that make it home.
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Sarah Carter
March 13, 2006
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Story behind the song
Katie is one of my piano students, and she has become a good friend. Such a sweet girl ~ I miss her.
I have a friend named Katie And she is so far away Actually, it's me who's far away From everyone and everything that is home. And sometimes, I miss my friend Katie And I miss hearing her laugh with me 'Cos I'm such a dork, but she doesn't mind And I miss my friend Katie They say the best gifts come in small packages Well it's true, with my friend Katie 'Cos she is not so large, but she is quite a gift To me, right down to the core. Pretty soon, I'll be home again, Katie My time away is already half gone I know it seems so far ~ or it does to me, anyway ~ But soon, Katie. I have a friend named Katie And she, she is so sweet to me 'Cos she is one of those people who is such a blessing And I, I love my friend Katie. ^_^
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