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zigzag diss pt.1
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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March 09, 2006
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You want it nigga man up/ its your turn to get dropped so hop of your manz nuts/ and stand up/ and take this ass whippin like a grown man punk/ you a grown man chump/ jayriver said ima school boy (this Dude) so your menz gonna be like “How you let this school boy diss you” im sick dude my feaver flow keeps a sick flew/ and you know this so you want my feaver flow that I spit too/ ima theif so don’t let me know if you cake/ ya names Zig Zag? Faggot you don’t know if straight/ No wonder that you roll in 4 dolo/ you menz that you grew up wit dissed you cause they don’t like HOMOS/ keep the pen and pad on the shelf/ how you givin niggas help when you suck at it your self/ on the internet battlein you faggs ima lyricly put your brain to one side of your face like that baQ of your Du Rag/
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