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Solow aVANTKOUSTICK shite, me+ guitar and gnomemade percussion no more reverrrb haha
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Alternative - Avant Rock
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Jed Heyt
Not Music 2006
March 09, 2006
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3:04 minutes
Story behind the song
lack of confidence wont feed song alone watered down lyrics might pass choking sarcasm better a marathon of undelivered humour this is not
the head i KEEP tilsts back and forth it's working yet but the bakerey doesnt know it i will get it to make a macaroon so soomn soonso soon so expensive bought for all i ownexcept the picture i KEEP that feels LIKE ME IF I find fthe artist i'll speak to them to he to she to assk for it to be painted again but instead they'll eat it like reice paper like ricce paperon the bootom of a cake i8s delicious is delicious is deliciopus but tastelessly formed but tastelessy l formed from a baked heada wisjehes froma a baked heads wishes from a baked headsawishes. a wish is