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mercury rising
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March 01, 2006
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listen. u'll c.
v1 the pen pours knowledge obtained to automatic combat it and you might not survive the static these niggas is, fabric soft but of course stand ready in line for extortion endorsed hand in hand goes money and fame these honeys and dames whips and chips off the chain enough green backs makes people insane i’m pushed up lean back spit shit for your brain and stay calm in heat cause i’m a Bantu the Jo-burg journalist and write what i want to the end light to invite insult and haunt you that little bad boy back in school that used to haunt you you knew you had to fight, but didn’t want to accountable for many a fall you’d catch one too golden rules keep me safe so do unto reciprocated hate and hate will have to son you chorus they always say, give the people what they want but if you give them what they want what would be the point they always say, give the people what they need my people need to get together and read they always talking this and that fist with facts powered fist with gats so never disrespect the prophet, the messenger prophet because he’s rising, rising, mercury rising rising, rising, mercury rising, rising, rising, mercury rising keep rising to the top v2 expression is free inevitably the lesson to me is word and thoughts with high fees the type of fee free from the money you see but enough to cost trees light the paper and breath and take some time to think while your busting about the reconstruction of numb thought construction they call it self destruction malfunction son they got us by the balls from the back and yall frontin i’m abstract maybe too abstract sticking to the facts hoping for the hyper react but to put it to you plain most rap is wack but the detriment of fact is that people by that they buy that stacked racks by the millions you make a little dough but universal makes a killing the mainstream is cavity musicians are the filling we chewing on the fat cause most the meat is bitten it’s bitten spitten and claimed to be written and really red from a blue book with provisions like follow the lead to hollow and bleed this foundation a nation created by we when they always try to tell me to say chorus v3 so y’all are like yeah “Mr. Parker’s misguided it seems like all his rap songs is one sided he won’t change shit so why try fight it?” you won’t change bitch just take it as i write it you’re all invited so R.S.V.P. i have my own brain plus i use it freely i won’t choose fame cause fame won’t choose me and were it not for T.V. lemming where would you be? i think stuck boy stuck in a rut with your ability to leave your earths mark to much freedom of choice minus all your crews touch you’d be standing on an island asking people what’s what and there he goes post deep in the horizon it’s Peter P. riding chariots pulled by bison i flow with a god like ease call me Poseidon entrusted by the dumate clique that i confide in it’s the movement man so get it on piloted by penmanship plus my fist warm i’m handing out umbrellas to these worthless pawns beware the calm before the shit storm when they always try and tell me… chorus out
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