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Pretty Froggin' Rude
Ah, Life!
Album - $12.00
Podcasts - Politics
Charts #43 in subgenre today (peak #1)
Previous peak charts position #9
words John Krill - Larry Banks
KBC 2006
February 25, 2006
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128 kbps bitrate
3:01 minutes
Story behind the song
You tell Me
A pair of bull frogs woke up one day, To find they were floatin in a very strange place Where once there had been swamp, and moss and bog now were strange lookin lillypads and edible floatin logs The strange new pond didn’t seem to pose a threat the water first was cool but soon they got quite used to it and in fact became comfortable, complacent and just plain pleased to have a special little pond of their own with all a bullfrog could ever need, You know one said, I think this ain’t so bad… . got this warm, clear water and these funny lookin’ lillypads Got enough to eat …… we’ll soon get used to this as the water kept getting hotter just a little bit by little bit Some time went by when suddenly… two more bull frogs appeared They seemed confused, arrogant too and complained loud for all to hear You slimy froggy dudes . . thats pretty frogin’ rude . . this waters uncommonly too warm we suspect, you dumb bloated necks, have been urinating in this here pond No that’s not it ….. you got it all wrong . We just keep this pond of ours a little warmer than the norm Just give it a little while …….. You’ll soon get used to it as the water kept getting hotter just a little bit by little bit So they swam and lounged around on some floatin celery stalks while munchin on some scallions and engaged in Idle Bull Frog talk Another batch of Bull Frogs splashed down and started freakin out Croaking that the pond was Hot but the natives still had doubts The newest frogs tried to jump out to escape the building heat The Bottom had become too hot to leap cause instantly it would burn their feet How in the world we supposed to get used to this with the water getting hotter little bit by little bit But we got enough to eat… so there’s no need to fret But the soup had thickened “Hey I didn’t know bull frogs could sweat” When finally a huge Bull Frog came from nowhere he knew what must be done ”You stupid Frogs’ he lashed out “don’t you know what’s going on” Their eyes bulged out, and skin just hangin they cried we can’t leave its much too late.. You got that right . .the Old Frog said …. your next place is a Dinner Plate But I’m not stickin around to get get my frog butt served so you’ll pardon me while you get used to what you all deserve So he climbed on top of the closest near cooked frog and used him to leap as if he was a log… and was rumored to croak as he flew through the air Your brain must have been boiled long before you found yourselves in there So hope you all get used to this Stupid Frogs ….Dinner’s ready …and you’re the main dish
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