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Scott Campbell
© 2000 Nebula/Scott Campbell Music (ASCAP)
February 23, 2006
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Story behind the song
I dreamt most of this and lived all of it.
JACKIE Words & Music by Scott Campbell I dreamt of her again last night; she was so beautiful I dreamt that she was in love with me, as much as I with her It must have been all just a dream, for how could I forget, And had I thought that it once was real, I would die of regret I dreamt we could be married and live our lives as one And I would never end that dream with something I had done And I would never fail her or I would surely die Or spend my life in dreams of her while living out a lie I do not care for daytime things, I find no comfort there I'm only waiting for the night, so I can be with her I pray that God is merciful, so when my drems are done, That I can finally dream of her when my life's finally done I can't go on making pointless noise in story and in song While I'm waiting for my life to end, and the wait is far too long I found my final fatal flaw, I can sleep, but never rest; So if you can chose the one you love, choose the one who loves you best Copyright 1995 Nebula Recods/Scott Campbell Music (ASCAP)