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Gift Rap (Demo)
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This is a demo of the Christmas version of this song which is destined to be on a future album by John McKeon. There is also a Summer holiday version called "Beach Rap". Check out the lyrics page for both versions.
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Pop - Christmas/Seasonal
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Lynn Monk / John McKeon
Wobbly Music
May 16, 2003
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Story behind the song
It was the second track I ever heard from John. It was just a guitar instrumental but it prompted me to enquire further into his material. I eventually persuaded him to let me produce his debut album. That has been my main project for the past two years and is finally nearing completion. We started re-recording this track for the album, but have since put in on a back burner for release on a future album, as the debut album is about friendship. For this demo I wrote some Christmas lyrics as it was coming up to Christmas 2000. I later wrote an alternative summer holiday version which has yet to be recorded. I wrote the lyrics to the structure of his original guitar recording and overdubbed the bass, drums and vocals. The Numbers in Brackets on the lyric sheet are the bar numbers I had to map out for the lyrics to fit in the right places on the track.
GIFT RAP - ©Lynn Monk. November 2000 ====================================== CHORUS (11-15) ----------------------- The days are gettin' colder, The nights are gettin' longer The lights are in the windows It's gift wrap time! VERSE 1 (25) ---------------------- The guys have all been burned and the bar-b-q's have ended. The rockets lit the sky, the displays were splendid, It's quiet again now, but not for very long Coz we'll all be singing this Gift wrap song There are lights in the windows and trees in the stores Street entertainers are out once more Cottonwool snow and shiny decorations Everyone's preparing for a big celebration --------------- CHORUS --------------- CHORUS --------------- VERSE 2 (42) --------------- If there's money in your pocket you'll soon be spendin' it You'll never have enough so don't be lendin' it TV, Papers, Magazines, tell you what to buy for the person of your dreams. Many people leaving it much too late Don't miss out on that shopping date Cards and gift wrap don't come cheap So the money for those youll have to keep ----------------- VERSE 3 (50) ---------------- Taking you out now to pick a tree You pick one that's too big for me! Can't get it in the room, can't get it in the hall I'd rather you picked one a bit too small! Don't despair but its for the chop we'll have to put the fairy on the cabinet top. Puttin' up the lights now, the tinsel too You'd better be careful with that superglue! ---------------- CHORUS ---------------- VERSE 4 (64) ----------------------- We're goin' down town now to buy some presents It makes a change that the weather is pleasant! Carol singers are doin' their thing If the mood takes me I may even join in! Muzak is playing in the market hall All the traders are havin' a ball! We buy enough food to last all year there are loads of people leaving with crates of Beer . ------------------- SOLO ---------------- VERSE 5 (77) -------------------- Is it all worth it, this massive spree Every year to the same degree? Well the kids all love it and the World has peace Forgetting our differences for 1 day at least! ------------------------ CHORUS ----------------------- CHORUS ----------------------- CHORUS (Fade) ----------------------- BEACH RAP - ©Lynn Monk. February 2001 ======================================== CHORUS ----------------------------------- The days are gettin' warmer The nights are gettin' shorter The bar-b-q's are sizzling It's beach wrap time! VERSE 1 ----------------------------------- Everybody knows now that Christmas is done. Its time to scan the papers for the promises of sun Looking at your bank account, your credit cards too Will you have enough this year for all you wanna do? Could it be a trip abroad? A cottage by the sea? A cruise in the Bahamas or a Safari? Clubbing in Majorca or a big rock climb? Does anybody care? coz its beach wrap time! ----------------------------------- CHORUS --------------- CHORUS --------------- VERSE 2 (42) --------------- Collecting all the brochures, the choices are immense There's even one for camping in Arabian Tents! With a caravan of camels across the dessert sands Don't forget the water, it'll end all your plans! How about a pilgrimage to a religious site? Or a trek accross the jungle and sleeping out all night Or what about a simple trip to Blackpool by the sea? With all the theatres in the town there's plenty to see ----------------- VERSE 3 (50) ---------------- A trip to the travel agent is what's required Deposit paid, flight booked, Car hired! Two weeks to go now and panic starts to set Do we pack a lot of clothes or use the launderette? For heaven's sake! It'll cost the earth to take that kitchen sink Now look, I don't care what the neighbours will think! Its just not the done thing to take the TV. There's one in the hotel room we can use for free! ---------------- CHORUS ---------------- VERSE 4 (64) ----------------------- Now don't forget the sun tan oil, the passports or the money There's five hours till take off, we don't need to hurry Just make sure the gas is off and cancel all the milk, the papers, or anything of a similar ilk. Remember to take the addresses of our friends if they don't receive their postcards, their moans will never end! So we're ready to leave now, make sure the house is locked We'll leave a little early should the roads be blocked. ------------------- SOLO ---------------- VERSE 5 (77) -------------------- Is it all worth it, this stress-filled time Every year more mountains to climb? Getting sick in half-built hotels? Well I suppose we've no-one to blame but ourselves! ------------------------ CHORUS ----------------------- CHORUS ----------------------- CHORUS (Fade) -----------------------