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The War Within
Metal - Death/Black Metal
Previous peak charts position #22
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
February 17, 2006
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128 kbps bitrate
4:11 minutes
Story behind the song
the lyrics was written by me Alonso within 24 hours. there was a deadline and i had very little time. this song will go in a Various Artist CD soon. it is a DEMO. the bassist was absent and the guitarist had to play the bass.
i deny what you call peace I neither deify the extremists I stand firm and believe, your death is affirmative You take what you give, the avarice behind it I spit on your foreign policy, the cancer you breed The black blood grasps me, you make me a contradict I deny the existence of Israel All the poison bottled and gathered Just to be shattered by the whistle of thee There is no justice, no mercy no humanity The blood of us makes you a beaming beast The death toll is just history; life here now is so cheap Black and white yet I see the red blood, you’re wiping it from your chin The vengeance you receive, is nothing compared to what you did Eye for an eye makes you blind; it’s a myth only fools believe Even if I skin you alive and watch you dry under the red boiling sun Beneath the holy land of yours there lies your destiny Your future is bright like your ancestors Those who didn’t survive the so called holocaust Or the Israelites, impaled like they needed safety pins
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