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Roller Baby
I asked a friend of mine for a song idea to write about...she said 'how about a girl in a wheelchair?' I thought that would be a bummer of a song, but then I realized, wait, why can't this be a fun song? And so 'Roller Baby' was born.
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Pop - Pop Rock
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Andrew Stein
Andrew Stein
February 17, 2006
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I saw you once rolling down the street And I knew at first glance that we had to meet Your hair was so dark and so were your eyes You really rocked my socks as soon as I realized You're not that different, in fact you're just my style And I think you'd get to like me if you knew me for a while I never want a girl just 'cuz she wears high heels But I really dig that chick with the set of killer wheels (chorus) Oh, oh, she's my Roller Baby Oh, oh, she's my Roller Joy When I see her rolling 'round all across town I just have to shout it out loud, She's my Roller Baby I feel sorry for them folks who always have to walk They say they're sorry for you, huh, that's just talk No they never upset you, you always let it slide 'Cuz you know deep down they're jealous of the way you ride Skier girls only leave you in the cold And those surfer girls all wrinkle when they're old Punky pierced girls leave your heart full of holes But I really love the kind of girl that rocks and rolls (chorus) Oh well, they'll always point at us and laugh To try and break our hearts in half But they don't really matter anyway A wheelchair's fine by me And I love you can't you see, It's why I always shout out and say-ay-ay-ay... (chorus) -----------------------------