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Valentine's Day Song
A nice little ditty composed on 14 Feb '06
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
Sarah Carter
February 15, 2006
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Story behind the song
I made this song up as I was walking around the University of Nottingham campus and while I was getting my laundry. It makes me laugh, really.
There's only one day in the whole year Once that I'm allowed to be here One day ~ and I'd rather not I think I'd rather just not go there 'Cos there's more to life than this old game There's more than any claim to fame And love and war ~ it tears us up Until you know just where to put it And I know this song's a bit cliché But I think it has to be that way Because we all are born into the same struggles And we all face the same battles I thought I was different from the rest And I wish I was above this mess But you and me, we're both the same And hey ~ that's okay.
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