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As heard on the youtube video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-dRZ3TJbok Angelina Jolie is painted in lipstick by artist Jason Baalman. Amazing!
Single - $0.75
Blues - Jump Blues
Previous peak charts position #29
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Kathy Moxham
2005 Kathy Moxham
January 29, 2006
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2:11 minutes
Story behind the song
My friend, Sandy Britt, always be-lipsticked, would never lose her glass at a party because it was the one with the most lipstick on it. When she handed me baby Alexandra, my wee girl would be covered in red smacks. My sister, Patty, and her friends and I met Sandy at the airport, and we all put lipstick on for her arrival. She noticed. Sandy always wondered why I didn't wear much lipstick and never gave up her mission to keep me beautified. Her strong association with lipstick was too good to ignore, and a song was born. This song was recorded by Kelly, Bootza and I in the studio for Sandy's amusement. She really enjoyed it. Then we performed it at Kelly's, and everyone loved it, so we re-recorded it with the full band, including Stuart Yasaki who came in and created a horn arrangement that made Garth and I (sittin' on the couch) laugh everytime he blew his horn. Perfect... Kathy Moxham - vocals Doug Logan - guitar Kelly Park - piano Rocky Tatarelli - lead saxophone Buca Necak - acoustic bass Reid Whatley - drums Stuart Yasaki - horn arrangement, trumpet, alto, tenor and bari saxophone (what a guy) Garth Webber - producer Recorded at Whip Records, Berkeley California by David Landon and Doug Logan. Mixed at Infinite Studios in Alameda, California by Michael Denten. Mastered at Crown Harbor Studios in Alameda, CA by Doug Logan. (CD version mastered by Steven Hall, Future Disc, Burbank, CA.)
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