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White Owl
A rock song with an ambient feel. Experimental progressive guitar.
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #1,338
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #154
©Ethereal/Tremmel 2005
©Ethereal/Tremmel 2005
January 28, 2006
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3:17 minutes
White Owl Silent you ride Passenger side But you’re not really there In my head You speak to me When my dreams become nightmares Verse 1 You’re here to teach me something I have so much to learn Your eyes refuse to let me deny the things I yearn There’s danger in your silent call I have no choice but to follow I can no longer hold my tongue Choking on words I can’t swallow Chorus White Owl You’re following me again Can’t tell where this insanity ends Is there a reason you take flight In my soul at the dead of night Verse 2 The beat of wings is offering me A choice between life and death Do I give into the wanting that is cutting off my breath Between Niagara and Sahara I have laid my body down I’ve always dried up in the sand But you’re making me drown. Bridge I will wait to dream again For your quiet storm To rain upon me Somehow my will is in the hands of a fantasy Verse 3 The lesson was simple And although my heart’s been torn Pain is only knowledge being born I watch you ride on your wing Into the night again In what could have been an enemy I have found the strangest friend Repeat chorus Silent you ride Passenger side But you’re not really there. © Ethereal 2004