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Haunting, tribal, sensual gothic rock!
Pop - Pop Rock
Previous peak charts position #799
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #136
©Ethereal/Tremmel 2005
©Ethereal/Tremmel 2005
January 28, 2006
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Athene Oooo hoo La La x 4 Verse 1 You’ve been hidden far too long, deep inside my soul. A goddess waiting to sing your song, out of the grip of control. Come out of your cage now, And give me your hand. Spread your wings, ancient child Come to those who understand. Chorus Athene open your eyes, There’s no need to hide anymore. Athene come out and play, no one is blocking the door. There’s no more barbed wire, Cutting into your flesh. No haunted lovers eyes, Causing you to regress. Spread your wings, Come out of hibernation. Share your wisdom With no reservation. Verse 2 Your lover swore devotion, And gave you a name. But when you tried to use it, She called you insane. You sewed your mouth shut, With invisible thread. To keep your beloved, You had to play dead. Repeat chorus Bridge It took me a while to realize That you were there all the time. For love of another I tried to hide you. Now I won’t leave you behind. My soul My beauty My soul My queen My home Inside me My soul Athene Verse 3 Welcome to your resurrection, The banquet table awaits It’s time for the feast of the soul. No carnivore is stalking you. No heretic is mocking you. It’s time for the bells to toll My soul My beauty My soul My queen My home Inside me My soul Athene It’s time for the bells to toll Announce the arrival of a long hidden queen Make room for the goddess Athene. Oooo hoo La La x 4 Athene Repeat x 9 and fade © Ethereal 2004
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