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One Cigarette
Strong vocals layered over driving beats,this radio-ready song has just the right combination of rock and pop.
Pop - Pop Rock
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©Ethereal/Tremmel 2005
©Ethereal/Tremmel 2005
January 28, 2006
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One Cigarette Verse 1 You said you don’t feel like yourself anymore Not sure if you should have opened that door You said give me some time So I waited patiently Had to hear me on the line it seemed to me Chorus In the light of one cigarette You said you hadn’t figured it yet So, I laid my heart on the line But, I didn’t get there in time Verse 2 Why did you dial 911 if there was never a reason Why were you so afraid , if summer’s you’re favorite season I heard the big news from a friend of a friend I should congratulate you But I’ve nothing to send Repeat chorus Bridge There’s a weight on your chest There’s something gripping you A primal instinct you repress And there’s nothing I can do Verse 3 I don’t know what to tell you, dear you never called I don’t know how to help you, love against the wall You’re running out of time It’s not so clear, you see The tie around your neck is a noose in matrimony Repeat chorus x 2 In the light of one cigarette I’m afraid, it’s not done with you yet. In the light…of one cigarette © Ethereal 2004