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VietRapper.com tag team tournament round one... BINH and MAVERICK -vs- STOPPABLE and SLANTED EYES
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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May 08, 2003
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VIETRAPPER ROUND 1- BINH & MAVERICK vs STOPPABLE & SLANTED BINH [unSTOPPABLE] Unstoppable's Terrible, a newb with no potential// This dumb ass saw the commercial, now he's tryin to elevate with red-bull// (red bull gives u wings) Got balls in his throat, so he's spittin Genit-flows(genitals)// Stoppables is the only viet rapper i kno that suxs-and-blows// Nothing can prevent, Binh and Mav is coming-in-first// U can drink all the Sprite there is, and still couldnt quench-your-verse//(quench your thirst, sprite) Heres a tip on your flow, u should really higher your-tone// We da energizer bunnies, he's more like a set of fire-stones//(we go forever, he pops) I heard yo song "Poor", now i kno y your money's low// Stop fuckin payin gurls, to be in your videos//(watch his music video) He says he gets gurls, but ya'll dont really-kno// If He was flashing hundred bills, stop-a-bo couldnt stop-a-ho// Ive been to your site, Trust me his fans are fake// How the fuk is a white gurl gonna understand the music he makes?//(http://unstopable.net/fans_of_usp.htm) Cumon dog, all this fakin is really bad for your health// I neva seen sum1 desperate enough to actually interview himself!//(front page of vietrapper.com) CHORUS Stop the unstoppable, Straighten the unstraightable, beat the defeatable// MavericK [Unstopable Diss] i heard ur shit before and u aint even on my level if we were to weigh our styles u'd sink right down to the devil// and its like that, u couldn't even fight back/ i'll stop u now and hang u up on a bike rack// u cant rap, ur rhymes is filled wit trash/ fuccin fob, when he spit, sound like he spittin thru his ass// fucc battlin, i'll beat u with my fuckin belt/ this bitch ran 2 stop signs, went home and named himself// so put your shit bacc on the "shelf" cuz i ain't havin dat/ just cuz u can make a sentence rhyme don't mean u know rap// i stay "strapped", wit words i spit bullets/ you'll stop dead in your track after i pull u thru it// unstopable sound like a useless hero bitch/ saving other fobs from facin a beat down from Maverick// u cant spit, its over, u know who won/ and plus the chances of yall winning is less than slim-to-none// SKIT [couldn't think of anything :) ] BINH [SLANTED viet] Im here in this tourny to give u tears an frowns// Quit dawg, "Slants" dont belong in "Rounds"//(no slants in rounds) The only rounds u should be hit with, are the ones with bullets// Take a good look at yo chest, cuz next time u look, theres gona b holes-in-it// U The ugliest mc thats coming out of atlanta// Only time he get ho's is when he's talkin ta-santa//(ho, ho, ho merry christmas) Dont think cuz u a mod, im gonna let u win// Nitemare on vietstreet, u gonna have dreams about Binh//(Nightmare on Elm Street) I come hot with my drops every single time// This nigga rite here can't even drop a *straight* line//(he's slanted) Can u get better with practice? umm.... no// If your breathe was on fire, u couldnt drop a hot flow// Wat u should do, kill yourself, u dont belong on this Earth// Your the 1st faggit ever to turn gay before Birth// Yo Maverick, u kno they already made a song bout us dog?// Those 2 fobs against us?, that must be "Against All Odds"//(Unstoppable's and Slanted's song) CHORUS Stop the unstoppable, Straighten the unstraightable, beat the defeatable// MavericK [slanted vi3t] i came to here to battle ya so u can feel my spit/ but judgin by your name sound like you'd rather be playin-with-dicks// let go of the mic, cuz it ain't helpin shit/ stead of spittin on that thing look like sumthin you'd rather-lick// yea, dam right thats what u get/ ay what kind of gay fagat names himself slanted viet?// im breakin shit, pushin thru and takin this/ im reppin viets, better than a fob could ever spit// stick to singin, and thats 2 pennies to your jar/ quit rap and stick to all those kara-OK bars// thats all u spittin, just some OK bars/ and don’t pretend that u play it straight we see that u aren’t// you'll see "stars", before this even battle ends/ i'll kick u to the moon bitch u aint gettin this win// and thats the "end", period, no questions asked/ yea i killed u so go bacc to sniffin stopable's ass//
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