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Freaks Me Out
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Album - $7.00
Alternative - Grunge
Previous peak charts position #194
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
James Thorogood
2006 /James Thorogood
October 25, 2006
MP3 4.2 MB
320 kbps bitrate
4:33 minutes
Buy the CD Come on, the whole worlds spinning around and you’re standing still you hosehead….. Sign Up!!! I can’t even hang pictures on my wall Don’t want to get up and walk down that hall Can’t say what’s the matter today Hope this feeling ain’t here to stay and it freaks me out I went for a long drive in my car To get away from thoughts that taste like tar There’s no escape tonight were all boxed in Now I know I know life just begin and it freaks me out and it freaks me out Life’s a phase it’s a craze a smash it’s a haze Run along to the block in the wall of this maze Take a look out the window do you feel alright This trip we’re on feels like my last flight and it freaks me out and it freaks me out Had some friends ya ya I had em’ for some time But they’re gone now an I’ve stayed behind Moved on, Moved ahead they tell me some are dead and it freaks me out and it freaks me out freaks me out freaks me out ©2006/James Thorogood All Rights Reserved..
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