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Rap, Shoddy 'n Blue
A mixed bag of 'rap' style stuff and just me messing about with a few sounds and ideas
Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #356
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #40
Sid Lewis
Sid Lewis
January 24, 2006
MP3 7.8 MB
128 kbps bitrate
6:48 minutes
Story behind the song
I get so tired of the sheep people telling you what's right and what's wrong. You have a disease if you dare to think different from the flock. Words on the left speaker (60's words)from contributions by the Dreamsville fraternity. Wasp in Aspic, james warner, Wadcorp, Groovemeister, Monty, next move, amok, juninho, yorkshiretb, Peter Coulombe, snake pilissken, Cuthbert Broderick, zeitgeist, Mr Ilektrik, Phil, wompy2, russellsmith, Urban Canvas and John Izzard, I THANK YOU ALL. On the right side is a reflection of being almost constantly frustrated by people telling me how I should do this, that and the other or how I should react to certain things to do with finances, food and especially family. Mind your own business.
Rap, Shoddy ‘n Blue Get off your Cuban Heels, go into the mountains Tank top, loons and white dog poo, sock it to me and I’ll sock it to you Get out your boxed surreal, I’m just wanting to make changes Leatherette and Mary Quant’s, remember never mess with the Fonz When it comes close to most of us, give it a gun as compensation Afghan Coats to keep you warm on the cinder track back to your home Get up, get out, scream it out loud and don’t take it for granted Is the Midnight Movie coming back? Bakelite that always cracks Why does a figure of speech sound so different when it’s chanted? Radiograms and warm romance, sitting in your vest and pants Acetate shadow of something that at sometime we all really wanted. An evening out at the Flicks, chewing on your liquorice sticks Catch this, if you can there’s no more, it’s all such a scam Catch this, if you can, gotta get out of here Watch out, don’t you dare why should you care that they’re not staying over. Frozen Jubbly at half a crown,” love in” chick in her dressing gown Who just do you think you are, even on the “spur?” You’re not taking over our lives. Tree Top Orange, Aztec Bars, 8 track players in racing cars And even if you could, what makes your opinion so conclusive to anyone but yourself? Conceit is better in the backseat than ejected from a gobby mouth and dropping it at my feet. When the storm comes into the bedroom and the snow settles on the walls In these chrome plated illusions there’ll be no settlement at all. With these most self righteous people what’s the use in trying to explain? Tiger & Hurricane, Valiant, at the time seemed heaven sent When your thoughts come in jigsaw pieces Bus conductors, Trolley Bus what on Earth came over us? And your words slip right down the drain. But hey you, what do you do and what’s so good about that? GPO and “instant” coffees, juicy Badgers Jersey Toffees Play “hostess” to your “Baa, Baa” friends’ then say they’re getting fat? Paraffin burners to keep you warm, dripping windows dusk to dawn Xeroxed “styles”, shits and misses, dog food dinners and La La kisses. Catch this if you can, drag yourself away from cooking as a means of “sociability” Catch this if you can, it may impress the populace but it has the reverse effect on me. Watch out, I don’t scare and I don’t care if I drive a bus and you drive a Rover Watch with Mother, Supercar, Mitch the chimp and spearmint bars Who just do you think you are? I’m happy sitting on the chair while you sit on the sofa Parma Violets, Tie Dyed shirt, Ethel, Freda and Uncle Bert This world is big enough for variety and you’re not pinning a “compliance” badge on me. All these things seemed fabulous we had answers like “just because”. When the storm comes into the bedroom and the snow settles on the walls In these chrome plated illusions there’ll be no settlement at all.