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Let Me Stuff My Face
Parody of McDonald's jingle, with calorie-conscious lyrics.
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Podcasts - Comedy
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Anand Greenwell
January 18, 2006
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Story behind the song
This is the debut single from 4CHIN. He's got rap skills that make Tom Green sound good by comparison, but he's sincere. The inpiration for this track came from those dumb/brilliant McDonalds commercials. Their brilliance lies in the fact that they're so incredibly dumb--but in just the right way that your average rube will buy right into the whole concept without even realizing it--it's pure genius. This concept is illustrated using the absurd juxtaposition of the product against a backdrop of happy, healthy people having fun...that's worth a million laughs on its own; the first time I saw one of those ads, I nearly died laughing. Then I went out and had a Big Mac.