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Dyin Man
Love and life are strange... sometimes they give all they can and still leave a Dyin Man.
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Country - Americana
Previous peak charts position #825
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #73
Chapman James
May 04, 2003
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Story behind the song
Relationships changing from lovers to friends to strangers.
Dyin' Man Words and music by Chapman James If I were a dyin' man Holding my last breath and your sweet hand Would the same pain that I feel Be half as strong or twice as real So many things I would have changed But, love and life are strange Sometimes they give all they can And still leave a dyin' man Maybe I'm a dyin' man I hear you but my heart can't understand There's no life left for us you say How could our love just pass away But, whether love ends or life goes by We mourn, we pray, we cry And beg forgiveness all we can Just like a dyin' man All my days are gone The sun comes up but, something's wrong As living proof I stand A dyin' man So listen to a dyin' man Sifting through his days like grains of sand Moments that I spent with you Are tiny diamonds shining through But whether love fades or life burns low The only thing I know The day we met my life began Now I'm a dyin' man Copyright 1986 Polhemusic
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