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Soiled bass anthem with noises and words and stuff. Enjoy.
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Rampant Jake Bullets
Rampant Jake Bullets Moonshine Jug Band
January 07, 2006
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Story behind the song
I think the title says it all really.
You know my momma looked at me the way she looked at Kennedy But this time she wasn't smiling from a book depository The kind of look your daughter throws following a blazing row She's the heir to your fortune and Jessica Fletcher's in town She read some of my lyrics and declared I was a cynic So she found the cheapest clinic and she put this motherfucker in it As part of my therapy I will write what is bothering me In a room with more padding than dossier's for WMD's Check it out mother, see I'm using a computer I haven't used one since I got my daddy neutered I hacked in in seconds to his medical records This surgery emergency will get him back for hurting me I said "I'm not crazy". They said "We can tell you are You're sat there listening to Katie Melua" Pills of many colours just so I wouldn't suffer Like when grandma used to prep me to receive her nine inches of rubber Sorry to digress I must get this off my chest But this wasn't the grandmother who would make me wear a dress She used to babysit me, but you can guess what happened Why do you think everybody knew her as Grandma Strap-on Don't know if she was gay or if it was just tragic But she went down with all hands on the SS Lesbianic (pre) Like an angelic vision witness the doctor's decision The lights were blinding reminding me of divine exorcism (chorus) We're gonna give you electro shock It's the only fucking thing we haven't tried You may end up like a simpleton, but still You can be the drummer for the White Stripes I'm not Randall P.Murphy, please don't leave my brain injured Depose my frontal lobes so I laugh at Freddy Got Fingered If you cut my brain I've lost, oh I might as well finish I'd believe language of fiction like Klingon and US English I'm writing my problem list and so at number one Yo, when I was pretty young I was in an iron lung It weren't to protect me from those like Studebaker There was nothing wrong with me, it was just cheaper than daycare Like when your dodgy chain smoking uncle says to you "Would you like to see some puppies?" and you think "Yeah, I do" Takes you by the sweaty hand and the sweat will turn to shivers As you spend the whole afternoon dredging the local river So many residents are claiming to be President Holding their truths to be self fucking evident I heard this all before from the guy in the room next door He said he won an election and his name was Al Gore I'm getting thinnner and thinner 'cos I won't eat my dinner Oh yeah, this hunger strike's a killer 'cos I'm only a beginner I'm just bones and eyeliner, it must look fucking revolting Like Skeletor in drag or just one of the Olsen's Even the meanest hyena's wouldn't pick and strip my carcass An effeminate skeleton like the singer from The Darkness (pre) (chorus) In fear of abandonment the Iraqi government And all the shoes at Reading that were aiming for 50 Cent These therapy sessions for all your darkest confessions You can't escape 'em 'cos they tape 'em, sell 'em to TV stations Everyday in this cage it is so fucking boring Didn't know the tenth circle of Dante would smell of chlorine Intraveneous feeding complete the Culture Club theorum I'd be different when I woke like a Coma Chameleon Let me get this right, I'll spend the rest of my life In this fucking institution "Better get a blacklight" Let my pupils dilate create pools of deepest black 'Til I can't blink like a bush baby with cataracts I'm surrounded by downers, crackers and badly shaved slappers Who think that dead wookie rappers "Oh, yeah they're known as Tupacca" Girls in Linkin Park hoodies with their self harming patterns I just hope they're not packing beneath their nu metal jackets When mom's check's started bouncing they wanted me to leave Need every bed now the Coldplay record's been released Their American tour, think it was sponsored by Prozac There are riches in misery, but hey everyone knows that I'm like Dorothy Gayle who failed to find her home A victim of a munchkin drive by on the yellow brick road (pre) (chorus)
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