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Easy going, kava-drinking music, with a variety of background instruments building up to a more powerful ending.
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January 03, 2006
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Story behind the song
I wrote about a friend I regularly drink kava with, just simple lyrics in Bislama, the language which links all the 80 Vanuatu islands and their over 200 different dialects. Other songs on the Kava Woman album are either also in Bislama, or my home island Tongoa language, as well as French, one of the three official Vanuatu languages (English, French, Bislama)
VERSE: Evri taem long let naet JW i ron abaot Lukaotem kava we i test gud mo I strong, Well taem i tekem wan sel i dring Emi filim gud tumas One sigaret i go emi singaotem nambatu sel REPEAT VERSE CHORUS O Kava Woman O Kava Woman JW emi Kava Woman O Kava Woman O Kava Woman JW emi Kava Woman (organ then guitar solo) VERSE CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS JW emi Kava Woman