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Slow blues, slightly gothic with strong vocals on chorus
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Blues - Blues Rock
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Joey Allen
July 13, 2007
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Story behind the song
Tells a story from the days of Kings and Pharaohs and worships of the people at that time. Pyramids have always fasinated me. Why not write about them.
Someone started the night fires, Shadows mix through their flame. Black hair, dark skin and beauty, Eyes that glow in their frame. Sand and dust rise around them, Darker the desert night came. Closer and closer their bodies, Passion flows through their veins. Dance beneath where angels fly, Dance for the gods they believe. Making love in the starry night, Echoes of love chants they sing, Guarding souls of their kings. Where angels fly, dancers cry. Where kings fall, angels call. Soon the cool of the desert, Feels the warmth of the sun. Pairs of shadows are nowhere, No longer they become one. Fires fade into the sunrise, Glow from treasures they gave. Knowing their time has been chosen, Waste not their chance to be brave.
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