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Nashville Knows with Billy Don Burns
What it's like to be the 'new girl' in town. Billy Don Burns steps in for the last chorus and his voice is pure magic. Dale Reno on Mandolin and Waylons' old drummer, Ritchie Albright on drums. This one is NOT 'just another Nashville' song!
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Patti Stevens
2005 Patti Stevens/BMI
December 28, 2005
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Story behind the song
Just telling it like it is sometimes in Nashville, Tennessee.
Nashville Knows (c) 2005 Patti Stevens I drove into Nashville two years ago in June Expectations blinded me - I was just like you And I can’t tell you everything this place has put me through But Nashville knows, Nashville knows Someone stole my money when I set it on the bar And when I went outside to leave I didn’t have a car Everybody told me, well, that’s just the way things are Nashville knows, Nashville knows Nashville Knows when someone’s new in town Nashville Knows. Don’t let it get ya down I can’t say that every day’s been fun But Nashville knows, Nashville knows....I won’t run I’m not here for fortune, Mister. I’m not here for fame I don’t really care now that nobody knows my name There’s something in the air - I wish I could explain Nashville knows, Nashville knows Nashville Knows When someone's new in town Nashville knows Don't let it get ya down I can't say that everyday's been fun But Nashville Knows Yeah, Nashville knows I won't run Welcome to Nashville, man, I hope that you do well I’ll sit here and listen if you got a tale to tell But if you came to steal from me you can go to hell Nashville knows, Nashville knows Billy Don Burns sings: Nashville Knows how desperate she’s become Nashville Knows she don’t wanna hurt no one But I think it’s fair to tell you, man, That girl, she bought a gun Nashville knows, Nashville knows....she won’t run
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