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She Rides
A lonely woman with a sad past finds peace on a Harley. 'She Rides. She Rides. And the wind wipes the tears from her eyes.' Dale Reno does some amazing things with the mandolin on this tune!
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Country - Alternative Country
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Patti Stevens
2005 Patti Stevens BMI
December 27, 2005
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4:09 minutes
Story behind the song
Just telling the truth. As a songwriter, it's not always easy to put the details of your life out there for all the world to see. Hope you like what you hear!
She Rides (c) 2005 Patti Stevens If you saw her you would only see a smile But she has been unhappy since she was a child Bounced from home to home Growing up alone And wild Tried to learn the love she wasn’t taught Blames herself for heartaches that Really weren’t her fault Has her share of men But she won’t love again She’s lost So she rides.....she rides And the wind wipes the tears from her eyes The thunder of the road Is the only love she knows....So she rides You might see her on the highway dressed in black The little girl inside her running from the past When a mom that didn’t care And a dad that wasn’t there Come back Those visions in her head won’t let her be Twisted faces calling from the shadows of the street But she clears ‘em from her mind Outruns ‘em one more time She’s free
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