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my (future) boo
it's my cousins, isa, mariel, nicole (all the way from australia!) and i messing around on christmas night. we stayed up until 7 in the morning singing and recording. fun memories! *sigh* this is what developed.
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
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Previous peak charts position in subgenre #111
December 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
We were chillin in my room while Mariel, Isa, and I were recording "Lately" and I really wanted to record something w/Nicole in it. (She didn't know "Lately") She was leaving for LA, then NY then back to Australia the next day and who knows when we were gonna see her again...so...we were messing around w/what instrumentals I had on my computer and we thought it would be fun to do a song about our "dream guy" or whatever. Then we saw the "My Boo" instrumental...and we thought daaang that would be perfect...cauze we're talking about our "future" boo. (Well...THEIR future boo) We had fun. HIGHLIGHTS: Mariel's 1-900 voice. Haha...that's due to her just waking up. She was napping while Isa and Nicole were recording their parts...and we woke her up...then she sang...and the effect was this...super sexy 1-900 voice. WOOHOO! Isa's boater "Oolwaiz" Cauze there's "Oolwaiz" that one person. Yep. Nicole's emerald smiles. Emerald smiles w/sexy dimples. Yes! I duno what my highlight was. HAHA! :P
[ISA] There's always that one person That you'll always dream about The perfect man, and perfect kiss, his name I'll wanna shout If I could only see That special boy for me going crazy I've been dreaming bout my boo [NICOLE] Did I ever tell you boy, it was your smile that made me fall for you? you captured my heart oh boy, with your emerald eyes and your sexy dimples too Right there we kissed You said put your lips just like this I'm going crazy For you, my baby [ISA] I want to find someone who'll treat me right, my boo someone who'll make me laugh and never cry, my boo Even though we may argue it'll be fine, my boo tho we haven't met at all in this lifetime He will someday be my boo [MARIEL] I want somebody who'll treat me right, who'll make me smile someone who cares bout my love and affection And not my style with each strum he plays he'll look into my eyes And /w his written new sweet love song he will smile I've been dreaming about you [GEE] Mmmm I remember boy dreaming about how it felt for me to touch those lips yes I SWORE I knew I'd find you in time the one I could spend my life with And God knows how I have been patiently waiting for you now you're here please be my baby
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